taxonomy? in this economy?!?


lavalamp cyber download stolen from my homie and cohabitator , and some barbie string light thing she make

Margot Robbie starring Barbie repairs your lavalamp

if you are margot robbie starring barbie i am based ryan gosling starring ken

and ill be the car , like in knightrider

yea i just LOVE cruysing down a highway , leaf held high, watching the lavalamps crawl by

David Lynch. Lost highway (1997) watch online free download

David Lynch. Lost highway (1997) watch online free download

i had a research to taxonomy in clothes industry at my uni lmao

oh im sorry, i wouldnt take that with my economy... cant afford taxes u see ;/

Nice stuff. I like the ant

yea ants always remind me , ya gotta keep on keepin on. even in an absolute death spiral haha

i love how mostly every lavalamp is in a different phase of the lavalamp cycle that makes me really happy great stuff

thank thank you hahahah im suprised u noticed but yes the last one is duplicate because i only had 5 but i like 6 better number xD