"Скандинавский поцелуй" / "Scandinavian kiss" (2022)


For a long time, we've been wanting to ship two waifu: Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin. But, as it turned out, they had already been shipped by photographers during one of the summits on Ukraine. Well, we went ahead and made some glitch art based on one of the photos. We don't need to mention that we are against the war in principle (no matter who started it - Putin against Ukrainians, Erdogan against Kurds, Israel against Palestinians or Vučić against Kosovo) and we try to use different themes to remind ourselves of the importance of love in our lives, which will ultimately win. But at the same time we are very sceptical about the possibility of love triumphing on earth, as shown by the background with "Do not fall in love" sticking out from the corner. Perhaps their love is insincere and will end when their terms of office end.

We should probably write a fanfic on ficbook on this couple. Or maybe use it as a sketch for street art? Kind of reminds you of street art, doesn't it?

What do you think about this art? What do you think of it, the subject matter of the painting or maybe the colours and the perspective? We'd love to hear some feedback from you.

Original photo: https://rus.postimees.ee/7536952/kaya-kallas-vstretitsya-s-sannoy-marin