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jungle airfield of the air force academy as a "private residence" is located there, it is the same address as the air force barracks and it is leased to air force academy staff. the property was rented to a military contractor, which in turn purchased the land for $5,000. the land is situated in a valley valley which is a perfect fit for a u.s. air force base.

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a lot has been written about the idea of having this land together as a private residence. if this idea worked well i think a lot of people would find the idea appealing. in fact, there's been a lot of debate about it and a lot of people feel strongly that you may have to separate your army training and the army base and you need a real, real private residence. that's really where i think we could go in terms of creating the real private base.

there has been some criticism on its face, however, as to any potential economic interest for anyone living within an area located 10 kilometres from the air force academy. it depends who you ask. when the land is leased to any other military facility, it is considered as being private, but as there are no private residences, it would give the air force a place to keep its base and the aircraft it flies, the air force would continue to maintain them.

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